Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two novellas from Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield was a remarkable thinker. Two of his fiction pieces have just been re-published in book form. Here's text from an email I received.

Eager Spring (written in 1989) It is OB's last work, an 'eco-novella', very insightful and topical. Most of the book is set in contemporary times, but the final third of this book is a myth-allegory of a young woman and a troubadour who confronts the environmentally damaging hazard of industrialism in Iron Age Britain.

Night Operation (written in 1975) This short book is absolute dynamite - a totally different genre - sci-fi. A great story, quite hard hitting. But, as the introduction explains, it also throws light on OB's friendship with CSL.

Please see the Literary Estate's website for plot overviews and links:


Many of Barfield's non-fiction books (for which he is much better known), long out-of-print, have also been re-printed by The Barfield Press.