Sunday, March 01, 2009

Inside the Meltdown from Frontline

This is lifted from the always excellent Scout Report of February 27, 2009:

14. Frontline: Inside the Meltdown

The economic situation in the United States is on everyone's minds right
now, and this provocative and thoughtful look into how it all transpired is
offered as part of Frontline's regular programming. As with most Frontline
programs, visitors can watch the full program, and then go back to sections
like "Interviews", "Timeline", and "Analysis". The "Analysis" section is
particularly shrewd, and it contains interviews with key economic players
and policy types including Barney Frank, Sheila Blair, and Chris Dodd.
Visitors can also view an interactive timeline of events related to the
meltdown and even chime in with their own thoughts via the "Join the
Discussion" area. [KMG]
I suppose I should have something to say about this. While the details of how it is playing out are specific, is there anything new in the general schema of all of it that hasn't been written already?